Comfyer membership

Comfyer Membership ($4.99/mo)

Our most popular membership, with free gifts and discounts on premium products. Plus all the benefits of a “Comfy” Membership.

Discounts on Premium and CBD Branded Products

Certain products require the comfy formula typically these products are higher in CBD, made with quality natural ingredients, with a terpene blend to make your comfy experience….comfyer.

Memberships for Your Comfy Clique

4 add-on memberships are available. Add-on members receive all benefits as the original Comfyer member.

Gifts & Personalized T-Shirt

Want to encourage your friends and family to Get Comfy and Get Healthy with compassionate prices and a fun culture? Wear your ComfyHemp T-Shirt customized with the Comfy tagline you create. As long as your tag is comfy — we will make it! After all it wouldn’t be a club if you weren’t included in the decision making process. Comfy T-Shirt not enough? This membership offers additional Comfy SWAG quarterly — phone cases, pens, notebooks.

Not quite right for you? Check out our other memberships:

Comfy Membership (Free)

Our basic membership, with weekly deals, discounts and insider info.

Comfyest Membership ($9.99/mo)

Our premium membership gets you exclusive access to high quality products and a voice in what products we make available to the public. Plus all the benefits of a “Comfyer” Membership.