Extraction and Oil Process



Food Grade Ethanol Extraction

Our products are manufactured utilizing a state-of-the-art food-grade alcohol extraction process to extract cannabinoid-rich full spectrum CBD oil. We are devoted to providing the cleanest, most sustainable, and cost-effective CBD products on the market.

Ethanol Extraction is effective, efficient, and safe.  “Generally regarded as safe” is how the FDA classifies ethanol, meaning it is safe for human consumption.  Our ethanol extraction process also does not pull out plant lipids and chlorophyll.  This process enables ComfyHemp to provide a higher quality oil and maintain a natural terpene profile with CBD percentages ranging from 50 - 70%

ComfyHemp products are made with 2 different extraction methods.  Cold Extraction and Ambient Extraction.

  • We believe in full plant extracts. Our process does not require the plant to be obliterated and turned into a powder like substance before extraction.  When this happens, you lose many of the beneficial volatile terpenes. The material we process looks like it would in the field. This allows us to maintain the maximum amount of terpenes for maximum benefit and the entourage


  • Filtration Process: Our process uses 10,5, and 1-micron filtration system to remove particles from the tincture and keeps the oil clean and pure.


  • No Pressure Process: ComfyHemp products are manufactured using a vacuum system and a falling film process to produce our full-spectrum CBD oil. This is important because it does not tear the terpenes from the finished Our vacuum process is easy on extracted oil which allows the oil to maintain the entourage effect. Our extraction processes apply such great amount of pressure that it actually tears the terpenes from the oil.


  • One Solvent: The only solvent that touches our material is food-grade ethanol. Other manufacturing procedures use a harsher solvent like butane for extraction purposes.


  • High Quality, High CBD: Our full spectrum cold extracted oils test out between 60-70% CBD. This is important because you can use less oil to produce the final product with the same amount of CBD. The less oil you have to use, the better the finished product


Kentucky and Colorado Grown Hemp

Our full spectrum CBD hemp extract comes from Colorado and Kentucky growers who use organic growing practices.  Through cutting-edge genetics, our farmers specialize in the cultivation of high-grade CBD-rich hemp that is low in THC (below the legal limit of .3%,) which creates the ideal plant for ComfyHemp products.


We also pride ourselves on sourcing hemp from Kentucky and Colorado because of the conditions. It is extremely important to ensure that the hemp used in products are free of mold, and toxins. The Colorado climate is the ideal for both growing and drying hemp material.  Kentucky grown hemp is raised in limestone soil that is rich in magnesium and calcium.  Limestone soil also filters out many impurities which provide a unique taste.