What's a Terpene?


We know it’s a mouthful. Don’t worry, we’ll get you caught up to speed on the wonders of the terpene. Imagine your body had skeleton keys to unlock it. Terpenes are something like that. Each terpene unlocks unique properties of your body’s functioning. There are over 7,000 terpenes each uniquely beneficial. While terpenes are responsible for giving fruits their rich tastes and smells, click below to learn more about what a select few terpenes could do for you. ”


Having difficulty sleeping? This terpene may give you rest at last. Found in lavender, basil, some cannabis plants and other natural sources, it is believed to have anxiety and depression reducing benefits and is a natural sedative. As a topical aid, it helps to sooth aching muscles especially from stress. You may give this a try if you have anxiety, insomnia, or just a really, really… bad day.


If you love the smell of mango, hops, lemon grass, verbana or bay leaves, chances are your body is calling for Myrcene. Used widely in the perfume industry, research also suggests that this beautifully smelling oil may be beneficial in reducing pain and inflammation. But wait…there’s more…research also has surfaced about potential anti-carcinogen, anti-oxidant, anti-septic, anti-microbial, and anti-depressant results as well. Massage therapists may find it useful as a topical muscle relaxer.